8 Reasons Why You Should Book a Photoshoot Now!

Updated: Jan 27

You've thought about booking with a photographer, or at least heard of other people booking with one, and maybe you're thinking "what exactly can a photoshoot do for me?

Well, you've already made the first step by being here. Easy, right? You're here for a reason, you're curious and want to know more about what a photoshoot can do for you. The truth is, every photoshoot is different based on the persons needs and wants. It depends on exactly what you're booking and what's holding you back. I've outlined 8 reasons why you should book a photoshoot with me now!


It's your best friends birthday and you're super excited for it but, you don't know what to get her as a present.... Maybe it's your mom's birthday and you want to do something special for her! Or maybe its your birthday and you want to do something extra special for yourself... Regardless of who's birthday it is, you're going to get the best gift ever! That's right, a present that is unique and catered to them! Let yourself, or your loved one feel extra special on their birthday and remind them why you love them so much.


Sooo you and your partner are celebrating an anniversary and you want to do something different than the typical going out for dinner celebration. Well whats more different than a photoshoot? This is a chance for you two to showcase how much you really love each other, because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Imagine this, you're meeting up with your friends you haven't seen in years, and you decide to relive some old memories, but you have all new phones and have no pictures to show for it. Well not anymore! With photoshoots, you are creating memories that you can cherish forever before, during, and after the initial shoot.


Where are my ladies at? Let me tell you one thing, YOU ARE A BOSS! No matter who you are, or what you do, you have the power to do it all!

There shouldn't be a day where you don't feel good about yourself. But hey, we all have our good and bad days and sometimes we need a little confidence boost and a full woman empowering photoshoot is definitely the perfect reminder as to why you are, a boss lady!


Thinking of the perfect way to celebrate your engagement? Grooms to be, want to get your bride-to-be's reaction on camera? Want timeless photos of one of the biggest milestones in your relationship?

A picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to say "We're engaged!" than timeless photographs of the special moment?


Have that special someone you want to showcase your love for? Need something else to spice up the teddy bear and chocolate gift? There are so many creative and different ways to express to someone how much you love them through a simple photograph.


Breakups, divorce, the guy who won't text you back and left you on read all night.... yea those ones suck but theres two things you can do with that, 1. sit in bed and eat a whole pizza in one sitting, or 2. get back out there and show your ex what they're missing.

So whether you're in need of a reminder that you are 10x better than they'll ever be, or you're looking for some new found inspiration, a photoshoot is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Think about this, you just graduated, or it's your senior prom, or you just got that big promotion at work, or you just had one tough year. Regardless of the milestone it's always fun when you can capture that moment and remember it forever.

Let's be honest, working with a photographer can be kind of intimidating. Sometimes we stay inside the box we have cause we feel comfortable, and being in front of the camera is not for everybody. If you walk away after reading this, I hope this stayed with you incase you do change your mind and are ready to jump out of your comfort zone. Regardless of the reason, just remember that you looked at this page for a reason and you're more than capable of taking the best photos that will last a life time.

I have been a photographer for 7 years and I can honestly say, the way my clients feel after a photoshoot and when they receive their pictures is the best feeling I could ever have as a photographer.

I hope to see you in front of the camera very soon. If you can think of any other ideas as to why you would be interested in a photoshoot comment them down below! My ears are wide open!

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